Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i've posted this before

but it was a long time ago. and re-reading it made me laugh. it's one of my old journal entries.

November 17, 1998
Hi my name is Jessica. My Birthday is January 15th. I have three sisters. ther names are Kylie Kirsten and Jamie. I am 5. today i am going to school. my friends are mykel kelsey morgan jayna alisa. today I Had a great day today. We went to the library. we looked at terkeys and we pladed jaks. did you know that I ride the bus? my teachrs name is Mrs Paulson. I am in Kenrgarten. My class mates are Mykel Kelsey Morgan Jayna Kerrie Amiela Shylee Harmony Lindsey Shelby Marissa Simon Cameron Keven Jeffrey Pryce Michell Brandon Dallan Timithy Ryan Justin Alin Ryly. thats my class Mates. Its olmost thankgiving and on thankgiving me and my sisters are going to my Grandmas House. and are cusins to. we are going to sleep over. to. Its allmost kirstens Birthday! It's allmost my Birthday to! and it's almost chrismas to. I wunder what I'll get? What do think I'll get?

and this is what i looked like when i wrote that.
those were good days.
instead of going to work or class tomorrow, i think i'm going to look at terkeys and play jaks.

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Cole said...

you are so funny! still! lyt