Monday, January 2, 2012

the break

january 2nd. and we ate outside at in-n-out.
what the warm?
danny wishes there was snow. just look at his face.

this break consisted of sleeping in way too late, eating many cheeseburgers and brownies, playing hundreds of board games, hanging out with danny every day, listening to about today over and over, watching 30 rock, losing every game of "hanging with friends", winning every game of "words with friends", not doing any homework (or working on my film major application, yikes), and quoting bad lip reading videos.

maybe my best christmas break ever.


Natalie Speth said...

what about swimming outside at night in December in Utah? or your cousin outing? those were neat too. ;)

Brissa said...

hanging with friends is the worst. how/when did hangman become so hard?! this warm weather is scaring me. like we're going to have a blizzard any day.