Monday, August 8, 2011

spoiler alert.

I'm on this week's episode of BYU Weekly, which airs on Wednesday.
I know because I made it. See?

I got interviewed about what it's like to be an editor.
My favorite part was that i got to make my own super.
That's the blue thing that says the name of the person.
I make them for hundreds of other people, but this one is all mine!

Wow, I gotta get out of edit bay 12 stat.


clay said...

i like this one! i could've been on it, too... if only i knew my major.

Jordyn said...

You have an AWESOME job. Kylie gives me the deets on it a lot, and I am very jealous of it.

Cole said...

nice one! lyt

Jeremy said...

I saw it! Soo cool!