Tuesday, August 23, 2011

all you morning people, i admire you.

12:30 am - ok i need to leave for work at 9:00 tomorrow and i should probably take a shower.
12:39 am - i'm too tired to shower tonight, i'll do it in the morning.
12:54 am - why does it take me so long to get in bed?

7:15 am alarm - oh heck no.
7:20 am snooze alarm - ok, do i really need to shower this early?
7:47 am - i am glad i'm not at the first day of high school right now. graduation day was a beautiful thing.
7:51 am - ok, i'll get up at 8 and shower.
8:02 am - i'll get up at 8:15
8:30 am - well, it's too late for a shower now.. i didn't even need one that bad.
8:44 am - i think i'll put on this grey shirt and do my hair in a braid. why didn't i just get up and shower?

fetus face might become my permanent face one day...


court said...

"why didn't i just get up and shower"
haha happens to me all the time.

Brissa said...

this is my life every morning.
i'm so glad there's a chart that accurately depicts it.

jessabella said...

oh my. my friend and I were just talking about this last night. so me. oh, and we were discussing this problem at 1:15am...

andrea said...

Haha I read this quote on pintrest and it said something like, "when I wake up late, I jump out of bed like a ninja" I love it!