Friday, August 5, 2011

awesome things.

1. toast with butter and honey.

2. when the 30 rock episode you are watching is so funny that you have to pause it so you can laugh and not miss anything.

3. the sound after effects makes when it is done rendering something.

4. people who can drive stick shift and are really good at it.

5. x-men: first class.

have an awesome weekend!


caihay said...

yes. i totally count as number four. let's be friends. i think you're awesome too.

Brissa said...

okay, i do that with 30 rock ALL THE TIIIIIME. i feel if we ever got together and watched 30 rock (because that's what we'd do, obviously) we would both pause and laugh and be the best of friends.
oh, and i can drive stick. does that make me cool enough to be friends?

JAMES MCAVOYYY!!1 sexy. sexy. man. xmen was good too, just not as sexy.

Mary said...

i agree. with everything.

Danny Green Jello Harding said...

Yes. That means I officially made the awesome things list at number 4.

Taylor said...

Yay for 30 Rock!! And I too must be awesome because I drive stick shift. But I still get slightly scared on big inclines, so maybe I'm not really good at it. Blurgh!