Friday, May 6, 2011

two videos in a row

this is some of the footage i shot over spring break.
it's mostly of me and kirsten. we kind of just filmed each other the whole time.
the music is dog days are over by florence and the machine. love.
also, it sounds like i have a speech impediment. i don't.
also also, i'm ready for a t2i or something. my lil hd handicam is outdated now.

lasbegas. from Jessie on Vimeo.


kylie said...

that is probably the coolest video i've seen with my eyes. you're so cooler than me.

[jessica] said...

so i just took the ap history test today too... you'll have to let me know what you thought of it in 48 hours so that you don't compromise testing integrity?

olivia said...

you are now my hero namely because you can play postcards from italy on your ukulele.

your videos are my favorite.

Nicole said...

iii like it.

Cole said...

You are amazing!

meg. said...

why are you so cool?