Tuesday, May 17, 2011

meet my brothers.

this is mckay.
as you can see by the image below, he looks exactly like russell crowe.

kind of insane.

this is cameron.
he cracks me up on a regular basis.

they're pretty good guys.
these are the guys that i make a lot of movies with.

they made master of cups too when i was skiing instead of schooling one day.
i think it's great.
if you haven't seen master of cups yet, watch it right now.

i love those guys.
guys, i love you.
next year we will all be hundreds of miles apart at different colleges.
that's going to be lame.

1 comment:

McKay V. Keetch said...

man i cant believe your brother is russell crowe!

haha being grown up and far away will be a bummer.... but hey, we'll always have wingers right?