Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i've been thinking about these things

So, Adele all of a sudden got really popular. I liked her years ago! I know, everyone claims ownership over certain bands. She's kind of mine. (also, Vampire Weekend! i was listening to them like 5 years ago.) Anyway. So Adele is awesome. I heard this one on the radio today.

Pinatas. Were you one of the kids that went crazy when the pinata burst open and immediately dove to get all the good candy? Or were you one of the kids who just hung back and picked up the left over candy several minutes later? We had a pinata on cinco de mayo, and i realized that i've always been the latter. Tootsie rolls aren't worth getting hurt over. And if you wait long enough, one of the aggressive kids will feel bad for you and give you some of their candy. It's true.

The Gambler by Fun is a cute song. I've been enjoying it this week. Thanks, Kassie.


Do stores still sell disposable cameras? I'm wondering.


lisa said...

i love adele, turning tables is the best.

miss mandi said...

stores still sell disposable cameras.

McKay V. Keetch said...

shake your peace! and neon trees are my bands for sure! haha

kassie said...

Thank you for giving me credit because when I can introduce YOU to a song it's a huge deal. Love you bye.

mardiiiii said...

oh gurl oh gurl.
i claim Adele too.
i loved her when her first single Hometown Glory came out free on itunes years ago.
this makes me a bit frustrated.
i feel your pain.
we can share her. HA!

Cynthia said...

sorry, i blog stalk you cause i think you are funny. see also: i'm a friend of Kylie's.
But anyway, back to the matter at hand: the way you feel about adele is the way i feel about mumfy and sons. found them about 4 months after they formed. i kind of take credit for bringing them to utah. whatevs.