Wednesday, February 2, 2011

zombie in the snow

You know that scene on Day After Tomorrow, when it's so freezing outside, that the fuel in the helicopters freeze and plummet to the ground, then guys open the helicopter doors and they instantly freeze? Like, the blood in their veins freezes and they all die?
Or that part on Batman Begins when Bruce Wayne is climbing up the mountain in the blizzard to that weird ninja temple and his face is all covered in ice once he gets there?

That was me this morning.
Frigid. Cold. Outside.

And my car heater decided to malfunction... so my hand was sort of frozen to the steering wheel once I got to school and I think the inside of my lungs were coated with frost.
Not my best morning.

But even though all that happened, I still had a good day. Happiness is a choice.

I'm trying really hard not to let the little things get me down. Because lately I feel like I've kind of been having an on-and-off pity party for myself. Why? Not really sure. I have just felt so moody moody moody lately. Bah! I'm done with that.

Let's be happy.


Kaleena J. said...

I've been the same way... not sure why. But yes, the low temps has been miserable! My heater doesn't work at all so I have to dress to drive my car.. not just for the outside haha

kylie said...

last week i was moody moody moody, too. you need to come watch friends with me.

Mallory said...

i always ALWAYS imagine that scene from day after tomorrow in my's stuck there permanently

kassie said...

I feel exactly the same way.
About all of this.