Monday, February 7, 2011

i love... vampire weekend station on pandora.

walking on a dream by empire of the sun
(weirdest video of my life though)

cold december by matt costa
(why did it take me this long to discover him?)

st. jerome by coconut records
(reminds me of ben folds a lil bit)



jenna said...

me and carrie were so obsessed with walking on a dream once... we almost named our old blog after it.
good ones.

Jameson said...

walking on a dream is such a chill song. i love it. haha jenna do you remember when we'd listen to that song all the time?
good times.

kirsten. said...

matt costa.
love him so much.

Mallory said...

yes yes yes i love empire of the sun. have you also seen the 'we are the people' video? crazy. i love their craziness.

sydnee said...

i also have the vampire weekend station on my pandora.
it's the best station around.