Tuesday, January 25, 2011

you're looking at the dream team

ryan and i have a killer radio show (pictured above)
and our band naming capabilities are unmatched.

a few of our inspired band names:

Metallic Undertone
Programmed to Love
Hands Around Danny
Jairu Crew
Street Teeth
Tokyo Reunion
Alarm Clock Romance
Three Angels and a Doofus
The Flavor Strategy
Ural Jerks
Ural Crazy
Identity Exhibition
Griddle Wizard
Freedom at Best

We have too many to possibly remember.
I hope being a Band Namer pays well.


lisa said...

I love the band naming game.
I came up with some prime ones just the other day.

[love, kati] said...

hilarious if pronounced correctly.
i like to find my band names in the topical guide of the bible.

Danny "Cobra Commander" Harding said...

Hands around Danny. It's an all girl band... Sadly they've never made any songs, and in fact haven't done ANYTHING since their creation. And sadly for me they, haven't stuck true to the band name at all.. Too bad. ;)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

haha that list is great! Street Teeth is my favorite! Either that or The Flavor Strategy!

kassie said...

hahaha, three angels and a doofus. Good times.