Wednesday, January 19, 2011

please don't crush my soynuts

My Princess Diaries-inpired list of goals.

Throw darts at paint-filled balloons.
Get a make over.
Eat pizza with m&ms.
Also, play the piano with m&ms on the keys.
Break a pair of glasses.
Put on tights in the back of a limo.
Ride on a sailboat.
Go to San Francisco.
Juggle pears.
Tie-dye a garbage can.
Fly kites on the beach.
"Cone" somebody.
Refurbish and live in a firehouse.
Stick one of those pore-strip things on my nose.
Be a princess.

Does anyone else love this movie like I do?


Kaleena J. said...

Yes, I do. The weird thing is, I was JUST talking about this movie before I came to your blog. Crazy.

sydnee said...

princess diaries is one of the greatest movies.
as if i'm not enough of a freak already, let's add a tiara.

caihay said...

oh, this is one of my favorites. top ten. quite possibly even top five.
let's have a movie night,. princess diaries addition.

kylie said...

did you watch it tonight? it's one of my favs, obviously. i think you should add eat green gelato stuff to your list. dude now i really want to watch it.

mardiiiii said...

i actually watched that movie today.
probably the best movie man has ever seen.
well, it's up there.
love this.