Thursday, March 18, 2010

thoughts on a thursday

Today wasn't easy.
My Gryffindor scarf is complete.
I really like that Microsoft Word automatically capitalizes the word "Gryffindor."
Calculus is hard.
Van Dijk is nice. And helpful, unlike most teachers at the end of the term.
March Madness and HOSA are the captors of my friends this week.
And that bracket is really hard to fill out for someone who has zero background knowledge.
I really like truffles. But it takes me 2 months to eat a bag of the Lindt kind.
"This totally counts! It's a fetching shamrock!" - Kati Briggs
"Ok. I don't care if you know who FDR is. But I do care that you know who Snoop Dogg is." - Mr. Beck
"In the words of Snoop Dogg, 'Let that just marinate in your minds for a little bit.'"- Mr. Beck
Mr. Beck really likes Snoop Dogg.
This week has seriously been long.
Carrie and Jenna's blog is real cute. I like it.
It really blows when you chip and hit the pin, and then it takes you two putts to get it in.
"I Can't Stay" by the Killers is sooo good. I've listened to it like 12 times today.
I feel like watching all the old classic Disney movies and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
I would give anything to go to Hogwarts.
I wish I could wear those red boots every day.
One time I went to Hawaii and it was really pretty.
K see ya.


Carrie said...

i do enjoy your blog, i do.
you're so clever and cute my friend.

[love, kati] said...

i literally laughed out loud at this one.
i feel honored to be quoted. thank you.
mr beck is hilarious.
and i am peeing to see your scarf. i think i will stop by this week sometime. or... you should wear it to school.