Monday, March 1, 2010

3 things:

Item #1- Happy March {finally}!
Even though February is the worst month of them all, here is the list of things that made me happy:

sleeping in, hugs, cake batter, venus fly traps, cabins, friends, my silky bed, Sondre Lerche, dried mangoes, drummers, phone calls with my pals, Nicole, speed skating, the olympics, chocolate chip cookies, flood-it, Shaun White, hashbrowns, "h yeah, beb", Cade, the olympics (again), turkey sandwiches, tetris, cereal, Kelly Clarkson, sleeping till 11:30 on a school day, Amy Smithson, & ripping my pants off

Item #2 - Today is Ron Weasley's birthday. Not Rupert, but Ronald. It's ok to have a mad crush on a fictional wizard, right? Item #3 - Golf starts today! Yay!
by the way, this might be the most awkward picture of me ever to grace this blog. enjoy.

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