Saturday, August 29, 2009

The hassle of headlights..

So while i was driving Jessie home last night, i looked down at my mileage, and screamed [sure scared jessie]. i had been waiting for my mileage to get to 100,000 because i wanted to take a picture of it for my mission brother. but when i looked down, it was already past 100,000. so i pulled over and took a picture. about 30 seconds after i started driving again, i see flashing police lights in my rearview mirror. fannntastic. so i pull over and roll down my window, and he comes to talk to me and asks me a few questions. then he tells me to turn my headlight switch thing one more turn.. i forgot to turn my headlights back on after i pulled over to take a picture of my dash. it was the worst. he was nice though and said to just remember to keep them on, because usually it's the drunkens that forget to turn them on. being pulled over is not a favorite. jessie had a good laugh about it though.
by nicole

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kylie said...

bwahahaha, cool story, nicole.