Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everywhere You Look (everywhere), There's a Heart (there's a heart)....

After school today I went to Nicole's house.
She didn't let me watch one of my favorite shows (which I hadn't seen forever).
Full House. Yeeeah boy.
This show is basically the essence of the late 80's to the early 90's.
I just love that classic family.
Danny Tanner: Talk show host and clean freak. Father of 3
Donna Jo "D. J." Tanner: the oldest
Stephanie Judith Tanner: the funny one
Michelle Tanner: the adorable one
and of course
Jesse Katsopolis: the cool uncle, rocker, awesome hair
Joey Gladstone: the cool not-uncle, comedian, impression master
and let's not forget the great additions to the Tanner household
Kimmy Gibler: the slightly creepy neighbor, bff to D. J.
Aunt Becky: married to uncle jesse (lucky), talk show co-host, mother of twins (nikki and alex)
oh, and steve. yeah steve. the boyfriend. we love steve.
I should start recording this show again...
too bad i have school so i can't watch it now.
By Jessie

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kylie said...

awesome. full house rocks.