Friday, July 22, 2016

Cooked (2016)

This is "things that are good to watch on Netflix" part ii.

Cooked (2016), created by Michael Pollan (and based on his book).

When Shae and I started watching this, within the first couple of minutes I said, "Wow this is super pretty." Not only is the cinematography, editing, coloring, design and location super duper nice, this documentary series is super informative and really causes you to reflect on food you eat and how much you think about it.

This isn't a documentary about how stuff is made necessarily, nor is it totally about nutrition and trying to convince everyone to go vegetarian. I think Michael Pollan is an anthropologist of sorts, and his documentary is really about humans, but he is looking at them through the lens of food. IT'S SO INTERESTING AND I'M READY TO WATCH IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW.

It's in four 1-hour segments. Each episode is centered around a different element: fire, water, air, and earth. So you can commit to watching the whole documentary because it is easy to split it up and just watch one episode when you can.

It was also super perfect for me and Shae to watch together because we are both super into documentaries and learning about the world.

5/5 would recommend for people that like docs, food, learning, pretty images, foreign countries, science, aka pretty much everyone.

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Kynia said...

I've heard so many good things about this show! I will definitely have to give it a go. another that I've heard is great is called "Fed Up"- also on netflix. My to-watch list is getting bigger and better... xX