Tuesday, July 19, 2016

and a month later ...

... I'm still alive. Don't worry.

Since I last posted:
- Shae did super well on the DAT. Like, 99th percentile. Smart cookie.
- Right after he took the DAT we went to his family reunion at Brianhead
- Then my little sister left on her mission to Chile
- Then we went to Fish Lake with my family
- Then we went to Sand Hollow for his other family reunion
- Then we spent the week in Logandale/Las Vegas/St. George (Where Shae is from)
- We drove all over the Nevada desert (and on the Vegas strip!) in Shae's mom's convertible
- Shae interviewed for the Air Force Health Professions scholarship at Nellis AFB
- Then we watched a couple plays at the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City with my family

Whew. It was so many things.

Today Shae left me for a two-week dental humanitarian trip to the Dominican Republic. 
Ditching me to go help people *rolls eyes*
Just kidding. I'll stay busy. In fact, I big cleaned my kitchen already today and our snack cupboard had six bags of tortilla chip crumbs in it. I'm happy to say that was the worst thing I found.


Kynia said...

Yay! I kept checking back here hoping that I didn't miss anything! Glad you've been busy with fun things. Congrats to Shae! Sorry he had to leave you though :(

kyliebrooke|s said...

you guys are so popular. everyone wants to hang out with you.