Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sweet tender mercies

i'm feeling way behind in school right now. after my busy weekend especially. and here i am blogging instead of writing the 2000 words that are due tomorrow!

amidst all the chaos (and sometimes crappy-ness) that has been this month of march, a few tender mercies stuck out to me today:

i got my film history midterm back today and i NAILED it.
i ran into the whole men's rugby team.
i'm getting sick, but i found a whole bottle of ibuprofen in my backpack today to remedy it.
my professor's wife is having a baby so class is cancelled on thursday.
i got an email from the italy rome mission saying that i get to wear my sandals and my boots. YAAAY YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM!
even though i have a big paper due tomorrow that i haven't started, it's a paper about "who framed roger rabbit" because my major is the shiz.
my bff kelyn sends me paul rudd gifs daily.

k now i gotta WRITE. peace.

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megan danielle said...

ok i am seriously so jealous that you are going to be living in italy for a year and a half! so exciting!!!