Friday, March 29, 2013

stoop sitting

doing my homework on the porch today. yeah, we have a couch out here. yeah, it's so ghettoooooo.

i'm totally a stoop sitter. 
it probably seems silly. 
like you're not doing anything or getting anything done.
but you are.
it's good for your heart.


Olivia said...

I've been a stoop sitter a lot lately, and I like it. A lot.

Lys said...

Ok first of all, that lil video was awesome. Brilliant people made that.

Also, the porch is literally my favorite part of my house. I've spent a lot of time and a lot of thoughts and a lot of love on that porch. It really is good for your heart. I'm pretty sure everyone I've ever dragged out there with me to just sit would definitely agree: it's a healthy activity.

I should invest in a couch though...