Wednesday, January 16, 2013

this is 20, pt 2

when i got back to the white house last night, 
my roommates had this awesome scavenger hunt waiting for me. 
they got me ice cream, donuts, and cookies n cream milk 
(because that is obviously the way to my heart),
then the scavenger hunt ended with the grand finale.
this is what i see on the ceiling above my bed now:

and the captions might be the best part. 
they're all so great, but some of my favorites:

john says: "i'm gonna be real blunt here, jess. i'd dump that british chick in a heartbeat for you."
ryan says: "hey girl. you know all those memes were for you."
brandon says: "let me be your slick chrome american prince."
coach taylor says: "you clear my eyes and fill my heart."
rdj says: "you are my arc reactor."

happy birthday to me. thank you, roomiezzzz.


jenna said...

this is tooo good.

Mallory said...

such good taste in men.