Friday, January 18, 2013

run-on sentences ensue

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jack actually acknowledged my presence when i went home today which is good because that is getting rarer the longer i live away from home.

last night i was washing my face and i hit my head on the faucet but don't worry i'll be ok and i also listened to sam's town last night and i cried a little bit because it's really pretty.

i also heard this song called nicaragua and then i thought about nicaragua and the boy that is there and i got sad a little because he is in the jungle and mail is really slow but then i got happy again because he is the best.

i accidentally left a can of diet coke in the car and this morning it was totally frozen and i still tried to drink it and frozen coke chunks don't taste that great and right after that i dropped a handful of quarters and they all landed heads up so i think i'm a wizard.

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megan danielle said...

slow mail is the absolute worst thing ever, ever.