Monday, August 20, 2012

summer recap

i'm packing up. headed back to college in a couple days.

i was just sitting here thinking, "what the. i didn't do anything with my summer. i'm such a bum!" but not so. looking back, i realized it definitely had some major high points:

a trip to southern utah, read some good books (this and this were my favorites), worked (obvs.), the imagine dragons concert, skyped this guy i met at college until he headed out on his mission, i cleaned my room with magic, i made my first animation and it turned out pretty nice, got my eyes checked out and started sporting these babies, went to the mountains and caught 22 fish, watched all of downton abbey season 1 in one day, spent the weekend in wyoming with roommates, celebrated america, went crazy with a sewing machine, fell in love with andrew garfield, saw this greek guy in concert and totally loved it, played with a chalkboard wall, batman at midnight, redid our playroom (which included 12 hours of stenciling walls by hand), watched every olympic sport every day and loved every minute, saw 9 plays (including les mis!) in cedar city and st. george and logan, watched every episode of friday night lights and got a texas accent (that post is probably coming in a few days), and had a stellar week at lake powell.

all that and more! i'm not a bum and there is the proof.
summer 2012, you were weird and different but i liked you a lot.

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