Tuesday, July 31, 2012

brownies and more

i saw a cute couple at walmart today buying kitty litter.
warmed my heart. yay for cat people!

have you ever tried to drink the daily recommended amount of water?
i know it's good for me but it's hard work.
the title of my week is "1000 trips to the loo."

and you probably couldn't be in the olympics if...
that brownie pan you just lifted out of the oven felt a little heavy.
and by you i mean me.


megan danielle said...

how funny haha i just got done posting about my lame issues with drinking the right amount of water. it really is hard. and those bathroom trips? super annoying.

Katie said...

I never understood how my water drinking friends had to go to the bathroom so much. Then I started drinking lots of water and understood. Then I stopped drinking so much because it was annoying.

mardiiiii said...

HHAHAHHAAH "1000 trips to the loo"
you are funny.
that was comical.
that was good.