Sunday, July 15, 2012

and the time lapse

chalk chalk chalk.
you may have already seen it on clay's blog. if not, here it is.
we're hoping to make some more of these. it was a lot of fun.
and i have to say, free-handing that "you" is one of my greatest life accomplishments thus far.

as we were making it, we were thinking it could be dedicated to people who actually read our blogs. we love you all.

and shout out to clay - it was his birthday yesterday. cool kid.
(and it's my half-birthday today. woooo!)


Kelsey said...

so, so rad.

kassie said...

Could you guys please stop being the coolest kids I know?

Lys said...

You are super awesome on so many levels right now. If I had a smidgen of your creativity, I'd be happy. You rock!

Mallory said...

awesome. and that "you" is beautiful.

Brissa said...


i want you to make me one. ohmygoooosh.

you're seriously like the coolest person ever.