Tuesday, June 12, 2012


i finally went to see avengers. loved it, obviously.
and this is pretty much what's been on my mind for the past couple hours:

i have always been the most loyal ironman fan. always.
i don't know what has come over me. and i don't want to say anything i'll regret later...
but if at this very moment in time
captain america and ironman were fighting for my attention,
i'd pick captain america.

*note: ironman does not equal robert downey jr in this scenario


{Just} Sara said...

hahaha this has become my favorite photo in a matter of seconds!

kylie said...

yeah, the captain is pretty much awesome. frankly, i'm shocked at this confession, though.

Brissa said...

thank you for letting us know ironman isn't rdj. but yeh, captain is so good. sooooo good. and i like your art.

morgan. said...

no no no he's miiiiiiine!