Friday, June 8, 2012

i think i'll catch up on my correspondence

i wrote lots of letters today.
18 pages, front and back! (name it...)
actually it was like 9 pages front and back.
lots of friends who live far away right now.

i love getting mail. i love sending it too.
i love the thought that someone took the time to write on some paper just for me.
and i love that tiny feeling of doubt that you get when you drop a letter in the mailbox.
you just have to have faith that your letter will reach that person
and not get lost or forgotten on the way.

emailing and texting are good.
but there's nothing like opening the mailbox
and seeing your name handwritten on a beaten-up envelope.
i love it.


jenna said...


megan danielle said...

soooo agree...and that feeling of doubt? so true.

Lys said...

I like thinking of letters that way: someone wrote on paper for you. Especially because nobody writes on paper anymore, period. What a lovely sentiment!

I like your blog.