Saturday, May 5, 2012

sister dates and dreams

i've gone on some good sister dates this week.
cupcake date with jamie. concert date with kylie.

also, i've been having a lot of dreams with celebrity appearances:

dreams where portia de rossi is trying to destroy my life.

dreams where i'm hanging out at the beach with justin bieber and captain america.

dreams where i'm supposed to go to a meeting with christian bale.

and last night's:
a dream that brandon flowers is trying to kidnap me.

i wonder what this could mean.


Cynthia said...

one time i had a dream that Haley Joel Osment and I were running away from Hannibal Lecter. So i hope dreams aren't... ya know... premonitions.
if i had a dream where i was hanging out with captain america, i would cry when i wake up.

Nicole said...

i would never oppose to being kidnapped by brandon flowers. never.

kylie said...

a meeting with christian bale? i would take a bodyguard. and i would always go with captain america to the beach.
and we had a ballin sister date. i still can't get over that concert.