Tuesday, May 15, 2012

playing mom today

8:15 - wake up. the sun is really bright in that upstairs room.
8:55 - drive kaity to school.
9:01 - get ready for the day.
9:40 - work.
12:47 - drive home. eat enchiladas.
1:05 - go outside and finish reading the time traveler's wife.
1:25 - check the mail. nada.
2:04 - check the mail again. nada.
3:20 - check the mail again. something! but not for me. bumma.
3:30 - pick up kaity from school.
4:01 - go to walmart so kaity could get a friend's birthday present. also realized that i have a weakness for essie nail polish and that big thing of $5 dvds. almost buy two new colors and two movies. don't buy anything.
4:55 - go to the library. check out a new book. and a movie.
5:29 - run laundry.
6:00 - take the kiddos to mutual.
6:04 - switch the laundry.
6:06 - water the plants.
6:15 - watch the movie i checked out. when harry met sally. LOVED it.
8:30 - take the kiddos to walmart (for the second time) because jamie needs to make butterbeer to take to school tomorrow.
now - feeling super wanderlust-y. i'd like to go on an adventure.


Katie said...

I love both The Time Traveler's Wife and When Harry Met Sally. Impeccable taste on your part.

megan danielle said...

love love love love loveeeee time travelers wife!!!! definitely one of my most favorite books!!

kylie said...

i'm so glad you liked when harry met sally. i could watch it all the time. what movies did you almost buy?