Thursday, April 5, 2012


"have you ever had so much to say about something, you couldn't say it!?"
-mr. smith goes to washington

i have. sometimes it feels like my brain and heart are too full and i can't organize myself well enough to articulate any one thought. that's today.

it's been busy over here lately.

here are my confetti nails:

i borrowed the glitter from kylie. it's saweeet. but also really sticky. so this may be permanent.

and my word of advice for the day is turn the sound off on your iphone/itouch before going to class. or else you might be going to check your email and accidentally tap the temple run app instead. which then makes really loud monkey screeching sounds in the middle of class.


1 comment:

kylie said...

oh, yeah, i learned about the turning off sound the hard way, too. which class was it? by the way, your nails look bangin.