Sunday, April 29, 2012

advice for freshmen.

things i would have told myself upon entering college:

after you finish a paper, go ahead and reward yourself by buying some songs on itunes. you deserve it///no such thing as "it's too late" or "i'm too tired" when it comes to late night adventures with your friends. just go do it/// just go to the ward activities///little cars hold at least 9 people. not 5///if you only buy one package of toilet paper today, you know you will just have to buy more tomorrow. so buy two. or five///one does not simply get an A in american heritage. but that auditorium is great for napping///it's ok to just lay in your bed and eat cottage cheese out of the container sometimes///keep waterproof shoes handy///don't let yourself skip class. it's a disease. and you will never make it to physical science ever again///make more videos///take the back way home from the festival of colors///don't get in the habit of singing out loud in your edit bay. because you will find yourself singing out loud when you are walking to class. where people can hear you///you probably won't get anything important done on saturdays. that's ok///don't fall in love with the boy right before he goes to nicaragua for two years. actually, do.


lisa said...

okay okay okay. is reese going to nicaragua for two years or am i totally off? (obviously a loyal follower).

Brissa said...

i love this post. all the facts/advice you have given are true. and details on mr. nicaragua please.

olivia said...

what about dannyyy?