Sunday, September 4, 2011

saturday night

a few of my roommates + chocolate chip pancakes + the village


Elina said...

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorites, and making them into pancakes... I gotta say you're a genious! Just wanted to say hi and inform that I'm now following you, I was sizzling with excitement when you mentioned modern family (earlier post), then screamed when you had a quote of a postal service song (earlier earlier post) and then exploded because i couldn't take all the awesomeness when you mentioned a dream about james franco (earlierx4 post). Anyway. You've got a new fan.

Eryn said...

i love the village. it's oh so good.

those 2 lovers said...

the village made me cry. but.. do you want a chocolate chip pancake secret? you put equal amounts of syrup and peanut butter in a pan, and melt it together.. then eat it with chocolate chip pancakes. it's the most delicious thing in the whole world!