Wednesday, September 7, 2011

it's a day worth documenting

a stranger asked if he could sit by me in class.
he said he liked my keds.
i said liked his mustache.

i was walking up the stairs in my building as someone was falling down them.
"uh.. are you ok? ok good, see ya.."

a girl came up to me and, in all seriousness, said,
"hey, can i borrow your phone for a sec? i just dropped mine in the toilet."
i laughed a lot. but not out loud.

i kicked a bird.
rather, it flew out of a bush and into my foot as i was walking by.
it scared the ish out of me.

oh, and i finished my homework before midnight.


Brissa said...

your life is awesome.

WHHHAT?!?!?! the word verification is "duces." which just proves your life/blog are awesome.

kylie said...

all of those things are good, but really, the stair things just gets me for some reason and every time i think about it, i laugh aloud.

Elina said...

What Brissa said.

Em said...

I laughed at the stair thing too. Probably because I would be the one falling down them. Hang in there, you may now know college isn't 1000% fun all of the time especially in the beginning, but it gets better, a lot better. In fact I miss it a lot. Don't Tell :)