Thursday, April 21, 2011

today felt like a wednesday and i was happy when i found out it was thursday.

ok. i locked the keys in the running car again. you can tell which days i'm feeling out of it.

i forgot how much i like spring. everything smells so fresh. and it's light outside when i have to go to school. i think spring afternoons/early evenings are my favorite. i just want to lay outside on the grass and breathe spring air.

dream date. i have been thinking about it.
it would start with a hot air balloon ride. and my date would be a certified hot air balloon pilot so there wouldn't be the extra person up there. third wheels are awkward. then we would have a picnic. either on a golf course or in the woods. then we would end the night with stargazing. stargazing in the middle of nowhere so we could see billions of stars.


kassie said...

In the middle of no where? What if he turned out to be some psycho freak, who killed people in the middle of no where.

(Also, I just tried spelling psycho as cyco. Thank heavens for spell check, because obviously my mind is absent.)

Camee S. said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who has locked their keys in the car with it still on. :)

Piril Maria said...

A great post. Loved it.