Monday, April 18, 2011

i'm the older one.

here is a kind of awkward and washed out photo of me and my little sister kirsten at the driving range on saturday.

we're about 2 years apart, but a lot of people think we are twins. or the same person.
except on friday.

we were at the movie theatre. we were purchasing tickets and the nice boy who was helping us asked kirsten, "hey, do you have an older sister?"
we both kind of blanked him for a second. then kirsten pointed at me and i said, "uh... it's me."
then we laughed. and i think he felt like a fool.
obviously, he doesn't think we are twins.


court said...

happens to me all the time.
except me & my sister are four years apart.

Eryn said...

That was the day we saw the best. movie. ever.