Tuesday, November 2, 2010

long post

chuck. i love it so much. i want to be sarah. she's so cool.
they are the cutest couple. they should consider getting married in real life.

i want to cut my hair off. i go through this phase every fall/winter. short hair is so cute and it seems like it would be way low maintenance. hhhhhhh.
but i'm always glad have long hair once spring rolls around again.

new music, i love.
in love with fanfarlo today.
"music is an outburst of the soul." - frederick delius

yesterday was national vegan day.
i ate vegan all day, i did.
it's hard.

attention harry potter fans:
have you ever read "tales of beedle the bard"?
yeah, it exists. and it's super good.
i plan on reading those stories to my little children.
aaaand.. only 17 days left.


sydnee said...

i also have a strange ambition to cut off all my hair.
did you see emma watson's new hair?

lisa said...

syd i've seen it and envy it. i always want to cut my hair off too. but jessie, i own a copy of "tales of beedle the bard" and always whip it out when i read the 7th book.

caihay said...

short hair is the best. i get ready in like 10 minutes, and it always looks done, even when it isn't.