Monday, December 12, 2016

big news

Shae and I found some music that we both enjoy! This is big news because we have really different tastes. Of course, we both like The Killers because that is kind of a prerequisite for being married to me. But normally he refers to my music as "weed smoker music," and he likes country and the more mainstream music that I don't care for. I also really only care about how things sound musically, and Shae only cares about lyrics.

Two bands we've found are a good combination of what we both like:
The Stray Birds and First Aid Kit 

They're twangy enough for Shae and "weed smoker" enough for me! So there's been some happy mutual music listening over here for a few days. Huzzah!

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kyliebrooke|s said...

HAHAHA justin thinks the music i like is too artist-painting-in-a-secluded-cabin, but i like the "weed-smoker" description hahaha