Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

This week I totally blew through this book called Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. 
It. Was. Awesome. I think it's my favorite book of the year and it was probably the most interesting love-story-but-not-a-love-story I've ever read. It was so surprising and thrilling and heartbreaking and I wanted to scream a couple times! If Christopher Nolan reads this he is going to be all up on the movie version. 

Being VERY vague and not giving anything away, it's basically about the impact of our choices. The main character, Jason is abducted by a masked person and wakes up in a completely new life. He is still Jason, but everything around him is different. Does he like his new life? How does he get back to his old one?

I read it at a really appropriate time, as Shae and I are making decisions about where to go for dental school and all that, and really wanting to make the right decision because we know whatever side of the fork in the road we take will have a lasting impact. It's kind of exciting and kind of terrifying, and I just think this book has some interesting morals about decisions and what actually matters most.

Plus it's also such a crazy mind trip and it totally sucked me in. 


kylee said...

Added it to my must read list after I saw your insta!

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Jenna Carlson said...

Adding this to my list!

Good luck with choosing a school. That was an exciting but hard time fo sho. Wherever you go will be awesome though.