Sunday, July 12, 2015


i'm just throwing this out into the www.

is anyone happy with what they are studying/studied at college? what would you go back and major/minor in if you could?

answer if you want. i'd love to hear some honest answers about this.


Amy Hilton said...

very happy. wouldn't change a thing.

kyliebrooke|s said...

what's the story? are you tired of film?

i am so glad i chose english. sometimes i wonder if i should have developed sweet skills in graphic design or done a business degree so i could work as a fancy investment banker, but then i remember that english gave me a great balance of loving the subject matter and having marketable (GET IT) skills. i feel like in the midst of college, you wonder why the crap you are doing what you are doing and why you chose that thing, but i feel that you can do anything you want to do, with or without the specific major.
i mean, i now do marketing for a museum. i didn't take "marketing for museums 100" but my major helped me with critical thinking, communication, writing, and love of the arts, all of which i use errrryday.
so, yes, i love that i chose my english major. i didn't always love it. sometimes i hated it. but i finished it and having a degree has been so wonderful. you're almost there! don't give up! hags.

Olivia said...

Some days I'm pumped about my choice, others...not so much. I think I might be that way with just about any major though. When I look at the big picture I'm always happy with my choice, cause I think I'll use things I learn in my major (elementary ed) every day of my life. I already do. If I could go back though, I think I might just ditch the whole university stuff and go to beauty school. That's still top on my list of loves :)
ps Jess, you're awesome, and I'm so glad I know you.