Thursday, July 18, 2013

so fat. so happy.

my last week as a not-missionary has been such a good one so far.

first of all:

it's been a FOOD week. I don't know why but I just keep eating so much great stuff. pastrami burgers, costco gelato, and not pictured: the best pizza, vietnamese food, fish and chips, chick fil a, and all the ice cream and shakes. these people are spoiling me.

secondly: watching the craziest lightning storm from the capitol, hot springs, movie-watching, and reminiscing. all with sam. i'm sure it's the fact that i'm leaving so soon, but these last days we have spent together have been some of the sweetest.


Jenna Carlson said...

Costco gelato...YUM!

megan danielle said...

ah! i cant believe youre leaving so soon!!!

Brissa said...

last week?!!!! how did this happen so quickly?! NOOO/YAAAAYYY/:(((((((