Sunday, September 2, 2012

these days

i stayed up till 4 last night talking to my roommates janae and rach (after we had already watched 3 movies and eaten gooey brownies out of the pan with a fork). it's fun living with them again.

and that picture of me is a representation of how i felt about every vending machine being out of cookies and cream milk all week.

i did a post here for a class, if you want to see some images i created in response to this song. yeah, my major is fun.

i'm loving midnight city and outro by m83. cool band. and i got letters. you know how i feel about getting letters. especially when they come from reese. yeeee!<-- (that is the sound liesl makes after rolf kisses her in sound of music.)

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jenna said...

whoa whoa whoa. i totally bought both those songs last week! what a coincidence. they are so good.