Sunday, February 14, 2010


February 12th:
Nicole's and my one year anniversary of being friends. Friendiversary, if you will.

We stopped by the Serendipity sign for old time's sake. (don't look at the monster girl on the right).

We ate at Zupa's. This is my favorite thing to consume. Panini, babe.

Oops, I just drooled a little bit.

What night isn't complete without a driveby past your biology teacher's house?

I'm glad Van Dijk is in love and doesn't care who knows it.

February 13th:


That's me and my date Hunter. We busted some serious moves at the dance.

Here was a nice surprise. There was a bag with my name on it containing this little guy on my porch. It made for an interesting doorstep scene.

I'm working on a name. Thank you, mysterious bringer of fish.
My Valentines Day goal was almost completed this year.
I just really want a nice boquet of carnations. Orange ones.
My corsage had a couple pink carnations on it.
So close.
Maybe next year.

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kylie said...

valentines goal is to get a bouquet of orange carnations?