Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm almost out of straws today.

Congratulations, October 6th. You win the bad day award!

I didn't sleep very well. I dreamed about Taylor Swift and Mr. Van Dijk.

I had no cute clothes this morning. My room is full of clothes, but I couldn't find anything cute. I wish my closet looked like this:

Today marked the beginning of "static-hair season." {boo}. This is the time when I really want to chop my hair and/or wear it up everyday.

This is paired with "dry hands season." My hands feel like paper.

I left to go to school. But I couldn't see out my windshield, due to the thick layer of frost. I forgot to factor that in this morning. So, I sat out in the freezing car with the defrost on and the windshield wipers going for about 5 minutes. I was late for seminary.

I was also tardy to orchestra; and hey, let's forget our binder full of music too! Ok, done.

Sometimes there are certain people that are incredibly obnoxious. I'm usually quite good at tolerating them, but today I felt quite irritable.

I got absolutely nothing done in B2 and B3. True, it was nice to have a couple relaxation periods, but 3 hours in Russ Mayo's classroom kind of wears and tears on your sanity.

Lunch was kind of boring today.

Math is hard. I just tried to upload a picture of my 6 page assignment, but blogger said "the file is corrupt." I have to agree with that statement.

I have to do test corrections, but not just any test corrections. Test corrections ON my test corrections. Which means I've done these math problems 3 times. You can feel bad for me.

I have yet to begin my online financial literacy course.

I am procrastinating my long biology assignment and my essay as we speak.

I have to do a radio show against my will today. You're welcome, Jamal and Trent, for filling in.

I have to wear a dress to listen to a speaker at mutual tonight. Lame.

I got a severe craving to go to Las Vegas today. I know that's really random. I like Las Vegas, and we go there quite often.

I just need a long break. Or a long nap.

At least there are a few good things going on:

Pam and Jim are getting married on Thursday at 8 o'clock on NBC.
I get to go golfing on Thursday too.
I get to go to seminary everyday, even if it is early.
My mom made pumpkin cookies.
Hey, maybe I will wear an ugly sweater tomorrow. Yesss. Cozy.
If I don't have any requests, I can play whatever songs I want on the radio today.
It is Kimberly's (the pink ranger) birthday today.

Good attitude, good attitude, good attitude, good attitude, good attitude. Maybe if I say it enough, it'll happen.

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